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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I schedule the property inspection?
A: The best time to do this is right after you've made your offer. The real estate contract usually allows for a grace period to inspect the building – make sure your real estate agent includes the inspection clause in the contract, making your obligation to buy contingent upon a professional inspection. Sometimes it's possible to renegotiate the offer based on what the inspection reveals.

Q. Must I attend the inspection?
A: Not necessary, but strongly recommended. The walkthrough will prompt you to ask questions, and you will better understand the written report when it arrives.

Q. How long does the inspection take?
A: Depending on the size, type, and condition of the property, an inspection usually takes one and a half to three hours. The written narrative report that follows includes clear descriptions of what was found and identifies any material defects. The report is thorough, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand.

Q. How long does it take to get the inspection report?
A: We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround. The report will be completed by midnight the day of the inspection and then emailed to everyone concerned. The hard copy will be mailed the following morning.

Q. What if I have further questions after the property inspection?
A: We welcome follow up questions. Feel free to contact us any time after you've received the report.

Q. What are the inspection fees?
A: Prices vary according to the property type and size, and if it's a multi-unit building, the number of units to be inspected. Contact us to obtain a price.

Q. Can you perform any work on the property?
A: No. In fact, this is why you can trust that you will receive an accurate and impartial review of the property's condition. As an independent, disinterested party, we do not perform any repairs to the property, which eliminates any possible conflict of interest.

Q. I'm about to sell my property – is a pre-sale inspection warranted?
A: Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first. A contractor's inspection can discover unnoticed conditions and allow you the opportunity to make repairs and identify potential problems in the sale.

Your pre-sale inspection is just good business. There are also legal ramifications that make it a wise step.

Q. The property I want to buy is brand new. Do I really need an inspection?
A: In a word, YES! For new construction, Weintz Inspection Services highlights punch list items (items that the contractor missed or neglected to complete), which is ideal for new single family homes and condominiums.


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